Male strippers

It is totally unfair to say that only men like strippers and that only man enjoy watching striptease. Women also like it. Yes they do, and they like it a lot.

Women have been forced to hide their sexuality throughout history. Female sexuality was taboo over the past several centuries. There was a sexual line that shouldn’t have been crossed a women respected it hiding their sexual fantasies and desires. Lust was something that only men had the right to feel and women complied with this rule. Otherwise, would have been characterized as immoral which was the biggest sin for women at that time.

But the view of female sexuality has changed radically. Sexuality, lust and sexual preferences are not taboo anymore and women can talk about it freely and openly. As a rule, almost everything that was allowed for men was forbidden for women. Luckily, rules have changed and everything what have been reserved for men only, becomes available to women, too. Strip clubs, places which have reserved only for men for decades, now open their doors to women.

One of the reasons why women visit the strip clubs at first place is curiosity. They simply want to see what kind of excitement is happened behind the doors that have been closed for them for years and years. They also, want to take a closer look at the women that most of men dream about. They want to check the competition and find out what is all that fuss about.

They also, want to learn about the hidden fantasies of men and which is the place to do this than the strip club. Those who want to spice up their sexual life will pick up some ideas and tricks and try them in the privacy of their bedroom in order to try new things and to provide for the men of her dreams special surprise and blow his mind. And this can be fun and pleasant for both of them.

On the other hand, women sometimes like to have great time with her friends watching the handsome male strippers. Women usually hire professional male strippers for bachelorette and birthday parties or special surprise parties for the friends who need a lift. Most of male strippers are professional who put on a fantastic show with choreographed dance performances and different costumes and themes.

Although, things can sometimes run wild with handsome strippers in a room full of women, it usually ends up being a great party with lots of fun for all of them.

Women also like to watch and touch and they also like to feel the excitement of experiencing something new and different from time to time. And they love it almost as much as man or even more because the female sexuality has been suppressed for a long time.

Nowadays, when they have their chance to make up for it all, they use it as much as they can, since they have been waiting a really long time to have that freedom.

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