Protecting Your Walls

The walls in our home are very important to the overall look and functionality of our homes.  When we build our homes the most common materials that we will use will be drywall or as it is also known as sheetrock.  When the walls become damaged or in need of repair, drywall repair columbia md is one of the main tasks that will need to be completed.

Watch what you are carrying

The first wat that our walls can be damaged is by items that we are carrying.  Typically, this happens when we first move into our homes or if we are moving items around the room.  When we move items such as couches, beds, dressers or other large heavy items they need to me moved or maneuvered in such a way that they fit through doorways.

 If this is the case you will want to try and dull sharp edges or corners with blankets or other types of padding.  If the edge hits a wall or a corner of the wall it won’t become damaged or as badly damaged.  However, if they do become damaged repair them as quickly as possible.

Don’t play sports in the house

Kicking a ball, tossing items around or just horsing around can cause damage to your walls.  If you feel the need to play around go outside.  There have been many cases where a foot, fist or even someone’s head has been knocked through a wall causing need for repair. 

Keep kids away with crayons and markers

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Finally, you want to keep kids away from the walls with markers, crayons, pencils and other items that will mark or scruff up the walls.  When you have a small child running around being the next artist in the family you really need to keep your eyes on the prize.  If not, you could be spending countless hours trying to scrub off their artwork or simply repainting the areas so that they look new.